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ETI Dynamics Announces Sustainability Projects In Tonga

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 | NEW DELHI | News

ETI Dynamics, a UK and India headquartered global project development organization has announced the development of smart habitats in Tongathrough the creation of
a number of decentralized essential utility services projects in Tonga. The delivery of essential utility services including energy, clean-water, sanitation and waste-management shall be carried out through an individually decentralized model cluster by following a Build – Own – Operate – Transfer (BOOT) model and framework.

The sustainability initiative will be executed in a way that will benefit a community of about 1000 individuals. A typical model cluster will encompass the following features:

Energy: This should enable electricity for households as well as support the needs of municipality and micro-enterprise in the cluster.
Water: Provision of pure drinking water to households and allied networks
Sanitation: Sewage treatment facility including the sewage network infrastructure
Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste Waste-to-Energy plants

Besides providing clean drinking water, sanitation, green energy and clean environment to the community of Tonga, this project will also have bring about additional Socio-economic impact to the community through local employment, building export industry and promoting entrepreneurship, women empowerment, education and skill development and health and sanitation programs.

To realize its vision of developing around 150 clusters by 2020, ETI Dynamics plans to follow a phase wise approach, with an aim of commissioning the first cluster by December 2015 which will be scaled to 10 clusters by mid-2016.

These projects are the being developed in collaboration with Intelligent Green Energy (NZ) Limited (an engineering company focused on green energy and sustainability including solar, wind and other forms) with whom an MoU was signed in March 2015.

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