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Social Impact needs the right kind of technology, economic models, financial support, and community engagement – ETI Dynamics

Sector : Water
Thursday, 11 June 2015 | NEW DELHI | Press Release

ETI Dynamics launched its platform for Social Impact Initiatives in New Delhi on Thursday, 11th June 2015. The announcement was made at the ETI Dynamics Impact Series Dialogue on “Delivering Sustainable Social Impact through Innovation”. The event was organized at India International Centre and was attended by leading industry representatives, developmental agencies, government bodies, foundations, and civil society.

The key message communicated in the dialogue was that technology combined with the right business and financial models can unlock value for societal welfare. ETI Dynamics presented insights into many advanced technologies for treatment of drinking water, water generation, zero discharge toilet systems and floating pontoon based sewage treatment systems that have been aggregated from across the world and currently being deployed in various pilot projects across India, in Africa, and in Pacific Islands. Such new age solutions are highly resource efficient, have low maintenance and a small ecological footprint.

Sanmit Ahuja, Chief Executive, ETI Dynamics emphasised that even efficient technologies with proven results require support of the right business model for their successful implementation. He highlighted that the problems in various parts of the world can be resolved more efficiently through a large network of decentralized systems while large scale engineering solutions may not always be the answer. Decentralized solutions involve lower cost and wastage, and can ensure faster achievement of results. These systems have a greater potential to engage the local communities by involving them in operation and maintenance, generating local employment, promoting women empowerment, and overall community development.They also present the opportunity to promote Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) who can participate in delivering sustainable social impact.

Mrs. MeenakshiLekhi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, seconded the approach in her Keynote Address by saying “Decentralized solutions are critical for delivery of social welfare”. She lauded ETI Dynamics for its initiative to highlight the role of innovation in making social impact.

The discussion also focussed on the role of financial innovation in social development. Financial innovation can help find ways to bring development capital to work alongside with private capital. It is an effective way to get a greater impact through synergized efforts towards a common cause. Sophisticated financial instruments should be used even for social projects so they have the right economic framework that ensures the success and sustainability of the projects in the long run.

ETI Dynamics invitedvarious stakeholders to join its sustainable social impact platform in bringing a revolutionary change in the way impact projects are implemented. Theplatform brings together technologies, business frameworks, and finance to deliver social impact in critical areas such as energy, water, waste, sanitation, and transportationin India and across the world.

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Editor’s Note: About the organizers

ETI Dynamics

ETI Dynamics is a Technology Accelerator, Infrastructure Developer and Investor focused on sustainable development through multidisciplinary innovation.Through a Fast and Open Innovation Platform, ETI Dynamics generates innovative solutions through collective knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

ETI Dynamics develops projects across multiple sectors through innovative financial and business models. The Infrastructure Development arm of ETI Dynamics is a turnkey solution provider that develops and invests in sustainable projects. With a wide portfolio of projects across multiple sectors, ETI Dynamics counts many global companies as strategic partners in its projects.

ETI Dynamics is an investor in technologies, projects and innovations centered on sustainable development. Zeus Environergy, the Asset Management Wing of ETI Dynamics supports ETI Dynamics’ investment functions with end-to-end engagement in projects including business and financial management. Zeus Environergy is a Joint Venture between Zeus Caps and ETI dynamics.

Oval Observer Foundation

Oval Observer Foundation is a strategic engagement and an action platform for economic, social and political issues related to emerging markets and high growth nations. Established in early 2014, the Foundation provides a continuous engagement platform to stakeholders interested in increased growth in emerging economies. In pursuance of its mandate Oval Observer explores sustainability issues in emerging economies, as one of its core thematic research and engagement field.