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ETI Dynamics and Solar Bright Partnership

Sector : Smart Cities
Thursday, 01 October 2015

"ETI Dynamics patners with Solar Bright to promote energh efficient lighting.

Solar Bright, a NZ venture with its headquarters in Christchurch has developed LED lights that are significantly more efficient that conventional LED technology. Photometric tests reveal the superior efficiency characterics of these products. LED technology has a huge market potential in India and other emerging economies. As a part of its Smart City and Energy platform, ETI Dynamics will create a market for the advanced LED technology and with an eventual goal of making India its manufacturing base for all markets. ETI Dynamics and Solar Bright will also develop a maerket for renewable aesthetics - a concept that caters to sustainable real estate. The duo will partner with designers to develop products that are aesthetically pleasing and will be renewablly powered. These products will designed to engage with the community in different ways."