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ETI Dynamics and Genapt Partnership

Sector : Information and Communications Technology
Thursday, 01 October 2015

"ETI Dynamics and Genapt have established a formal partnership to provide sustainable solutions using advanced UAV technology. ETI Dynamics is a champion of sustainability and will provide tailor made solutions for applications like river clean up, water & land mapping, forest preservation, disaster management, etc. The technical capabilites will be brought in by Genapt with its team of professionals who have seasoned experience in the drone technology. These solutions will involve capturing data in different forms, its analysis and visualization. All applications that require real time monitoring and predictive modelling will be undertaken by the partnership.

ETI Dynamics is a technology acclerator that brings innovation with the highest efficiency characteristics to market.

GENAPT offers information Security & Compliance Service and products. that include Network security and Application security. Incorporated in 2008, GENAPT has deep and broad expertise in all areas of security and compliance consulting and implementation."