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ETI Dynamics and Universal Enterprises collaborate to launch a Waste Management Venture in India

Sector : Waste
Wednesday, 04 March 2015

ETI Dynamics, a UK headquartered Sustainability Infrastructure Developer, and Universal Enterprises, an India based industrial investment firm, have collaborated to set up a Joint Venture(JV) that will develop waste management solutions.

"Waste Management is now the need of the hour. India’s cities generate more than 150,000 tonnes of waste every day and vast majority of this goes untreated straight to the landfill. The waste management industry has come to a break-point where poor economic models have led to poor quality infrastructure and operational set-up. The country now needs state of the art solutions backed by sound fundamental economic structure which will attract more private sector investment into the much deprived sector", says Lakshay Sehgal, Universal Enterprises and Joint MD of the new venture.

"We have already won a number of projects in small towns and villages and feel that a more bottom-up approach is better realized in the complex value-chain. Smaller modular waste to energy systems hold much potential. One of the critical mistakes made in the past is to develop very large projects in which the collection value chain has been an issue or concentration only on electricity generation which doesn’t yet attract viable tariffs. Whilst waste-to-energy is very much a standard model, but it only works if the economics of tipping fee and electricity tariff add up. That is not the case in India. Therefore for projects to be successful we need to look at converting waste into many energy forms such as diesel, gas, carbon-black, other petrochemicals. The project must be based on the market for the right energy form before technology selection can be made”, says Sanmit Ahuja, Chief Executive of ETI Dynamics and Joint MD of the new venture.

The joint venture will focus on providing complete solutions for a complete value chain including collection, sorting and processing. The initial focus is to develop solutions for sub 100 TPD segment which is largely prevalent in the rural and peri-urban areas. In the months to come the venture is also going to develop larger projects in urban centres. The venture is also establishing projects in both developing regions such as those in Asia and Africa but also developed markets such as in Europe and New Zealand. A number of technologies are being evaluated and parties interested to provide innovative solutions are encouraged to put forth their expressions of interest to the venture.


1. The joint venture although established in India will have a global focus.

2. Indian cities generate over 150,000 tonnes of waste per day. The typical problem is that of poor collection and processing infrastructure. Ill-conceived projects, poorly designed landfill sites, sub-optimal economic structures have led to majority of the waste generated in India going into landfill sites without processing.

3. ETI Dynamics is a UK and India headquartered infrastructure developer, technology accelerator and investor focused on sustainability. Its core focus areas are: Water, Energy,  Urban Transport, Smart Cities, Waste, Green ICT, Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Food & Agriculture. It has two core divisions:

(1) Project Development & Finance - nearly 950 mn of assets under development

(2)Technology & Innovation - more than 40 advanced technology solutions being commercialized

Through its Asset Management/Holding Arm, Zeus Environergy, the organization also finances the identified projects using PPP/BOOT models. It is also able to bring in long term concessionary finance to the projects thereby, significantly lowering the cost of capital and the economic value created. Zeus Environergy is a joint venture with Zeus Caps, a principal infrastructure finance entity which since inception has raised and channeled nearly USD 1bn into the Indian infrastructure asset class.


4. Universal Enterprises is an industrial investment group that invests in high growth industrial ventures. Established in 1973, its interests lie in real estate, manufacturing, energy, environment and defence sectors.

For more details please contact:

Anish Polavarapu: anish.polavarapu@etidynamics.com | +91 99102 45603